As an academic institution of higher learning, the College aims to:
- Provide students with a broad liberal education in forming holistic human beings.
- Discover and develop potentials and capacities of students for professional competence.
- Guide students towards the attainment of their goals anchored on a spirit of concern for others.
- Prepare students to function as worthy and self-reliant individuals responsive to the needs of the society.

The 6 Cs

Manila Tytana Colleges builds on core values that strengthen the sense of the Tytana identity. We provide a caring community of competent scholars and professionals that empowers creative thinking and expression within a committed environment. As Titans mature and develop, they will become culture-adaptive individuals in a society that enables them to maintain a competitive advantage.

CARING (Warm, Congenial, Empathic, Nurturing)
Responds selflessly to the needs of others and treats people with kindness, concern, and generosity. Treats other people with care by being fair, consistent, and respectful. Provides prompt, effective, and personalized services. Adapts approaches to understand and meet different needs and concerns, and evaluates the degree to which these needs are met.

COMPETENT (Achievement-oriented, Quality-driven, Decisive, Conscientious)
Qualified or professionally adequate in performing duties. Demonstrates breadth, depth and leadership in own area of expertise. Maintains up-to-date knowledge of concepts and practices related to area of work. Produces useful and timely outputs relevant to the task at hand and thus contributes to the attainment of established objectives. When appropriate, mentors colleagues.

COMMITTED (Rule-conscious, Dutiful, Deferent, Task-oriented, Enduring)
Advocates and adheres to highest ethical standards through ethical behavior. Upholds MTC`s reputation by exemplifying honesty and integrity in professional and personal conduct. Establishes maintains and increases trust. Complies with rules in a workplace.

CREATIVE (Resourceful, Innovative, Experimenting, Curious)
Has the ability to bring ideas to life, and further accumulate knowledge. Open to innovation. Constructively challenges the status quo and suggests ways to improve work processes. Builds networks with others for the effective communication and exchange of knowledge and feedback. Develops new skills and abilities in response to new and evolving demands.

CULTURE-ADAPTIVE (Receptive, Flexible, Emotionally-Stable, Versatile)
Functions well within different and changing social and professional environments. Commits to workgroup goals and works effectively with individuals of different cultures and philosophies. Develops collaborative relationships both within and outside the workplace. Fosters a positive environment and manages conflict. Is persuasive and communicates workgroup goals clearly and consistently. Seeks or offers help when needed and acknowledges other`s contributions.