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The Manila Doctors College of Nursing (MDCON) offers the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and certificate program in Caregiving, both tailored to meet wealth of options available in today`s nurses and health practitioners. Tytana graduates are poised to become leaders in health care, education, and research, with the training and preparation the College provides.

Who we are looking for:

MDCON has been producing high-caliber graduates who are prepared to take the Nurse Licensure Examination and qualified to take on a wide variety of nursing practice engagements in healthcare and related institutions. As the flagship program of Manila Tytana Colleges, the BS Nursing program upholds its ideals to produce healthcare professionals fit for national and global work environments. Its alumni become supervisors, chief nurses, medical doctors, researchers, nursing faculty, among others. In order for healthcare manpower contribution to continue, the program admits students with very high qualifications, considering that the program is a challenging one.

MDCON admits applicants with the following qualities: good critical and communication skills with the ability to articulate healthcare issues; motivation to perform nursing tasks and to finish the program; and vigor to pass the board exam. MDCON therefore accepts applicants whose qualifications match the requirements of the BS Nursing program.

There are a number of strategies to determine qualified applicants. We look for senior high school graduates who performed well in their academics, particularly those with general average of at least 85. In addition to grades, the Admissions Committee also takes into consideration performance/overall rating in the admissions exam (MTCAT), interview assessment, and responses to essay tests. Final decision on admission will depend on the overall fitness of the set criteria and applicant`s choice of degree program.

- Bachelor of Science in Nursing