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The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) embodies the basic foundation of all professional courses. It provides general education that focuses on behavioral, social and natural sciences to ensure the holistic formation of a Tytana student. It caters to a curriculum that unfolds and develops students` cognitive, affective, and physical abilities.

There are four programs under CAS -BS Psychology, BS Holistic Nutrition with Culinary Arts, BS Information Technology, and BA Communication. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology prepares students for a rewarding career in Applied Psychology. The program provides training for a variety of concentrations such as Clinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Special Education, and Counseling. The Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition with Culinary Arts is the first and only program of that nature in the entire Philippines based on the principle that cooking is both a science and an art. The program is designed to teach various disciplines and areas of nutrition, and their applications in culinary studies. Its development aims to meet the public`s growing interest in health education and culinary wellness. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology prepares graduates for practical roles in the rapidly growing industry. Students are exposed to the different areas of IT such as banking and automotive through our partnership with the Metrobank Group. Lastly, the Bachelor of Arts in Communication trains and educates students in the following key areas in communication: Corporate Communication, Marketing Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations, with concentration in Social Media Communication. The course provides opportunities for students to develop skills in these disciplines in order to become successful communication practitioners and address the need for competent communication professionals in today`s society.

Who we are looking for:

The CAS contributes to the country`s human resources development and nation building, consistent with Tytana`s vision of "producing scholars and professionals for national and global endeavors." CAS therefore admits applicants whose qualifications match the requirements of its programs.

There are many strategies to determine qualified applicants for college admission to Manila Tytana Colleges. Tytana looks for senior high school graduates who performed well in their academics, in particular those with general average of at least 85. However, in addition to the senior high school grades, the Admissions Committee will also take into consideration performance/overall rating in the admissions exam (MTCAT), assessments of the interview and responses to the essay questions. Final decision on admission will depend on the overall fitness of the set criteria and applicant`s choice of degree program. The Admissions Office may provide details of requirements per program.

- Bachelor of Science in Psychology
- Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition with Culinary Arts
- Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
- Bachelor of Arts in Communication