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  1. Make sure to clear all unsettled accounts and deficiencies such as faculty evaluation, and settlement of laboratory and library deficiencies, admission requirement deficiencies, etc. before registering online.
  2. Always bring ID card for password reference.
  3. Follow the schedule of enrollment. October 25 - 27, 2017 for Regular Students (Online/Onsite) and October 30 - 31, 2017 for Irregular Students (Online/Onsite).
  4. Assurance of slots will only be made after securing the official Registration Form.
  5. Deadline of payment is reflected at the end part of the Pre-Registration form.
  6. Students will become officially enrolled after finishing the whole process of enrollment. Enrollment will only be official after securing a Registration Form stamped with "Enrolled" sign.
  7. Deletion of slots will be made after non-compliance/not finishing the process of enrollment on or before the given deadline.
  8. Present printed Pre-Registration Form at the cashier for payment reference.
  9. Provide a copy of deposit slip for bank payments, and should present the deposit slip at the school cashier on or before the deadline.
  10. Irregular students should bring printed scholastic record for onsite enrollment.