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Scholarship Grantors
All applicants must pass the Manila Tytana Colleges Admission Test (MTCAT) prior to scholarship application.
1. Submit the duly-accomplished application form and the following documentary requirements in a long brown envelope. Write the complete name of the applicant at the upper left hand corner (back side) following this format: LAST, GIVEN, MIDDLE

  1. Parent's/Guardian's personal letter about the family's situation, justifying the need for financial assistance
  2. Two (2) pcs. of 2x2", and one (1) pc. of 1x1" most recent photo on white background; and photo of applicant with his/her family. Print full name at the back of the photos.
  3. For employed parents: Most recent copy of Income Tax Return (ITR) or Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax; Certificate of Employment and Compensation (including bonuses, allowances and commissions). Overseas Filipino Workers must submit a copy of employment contract, with salary/compensation indicated in it.
    For self-employed parents: Business permit, detailed description of business and latest income and expenses financial statement.
    For parents not filling an ITR: Indicate in the letter the reason for non-filing. Provide a copy of Certificate of Non-Filing from Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
    If parent/guardian is retired, submit retirement and/or pension voucher. Siblings and other relatives currently helping out with the expenses of the family including educational expenses may be required to submit the above-mentioned documents.
  4. Proof of latest electricity and water billing statements. If statement is registered under a different name other than the applicant's parent/guardian, include a certification letter from property owner.
  5. For incoming freshmen: Copy of grades from First to Fourth Year High School (2nd Grading Period); Certification from principal if belonging to Top 10 of graduating class (based on 2nd grading period).
    For incoming II-IV: Certified True Copy of Grades from student's first semester of entry.
  6. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Student Discipline Department or High School Principal/ Guidance Counselor, whichever is applicable.
  7. Proof of leadership and extra/co-curricular involvements.
2. Qualified applicants will be notified (through telephone call/sms message/electronic mail) as to their schedule of Qualifying Exam from January-March (Saturdays), and Panel Interview.