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As the educational arm of the Metrobank Group of Companies, Tytana firmly believes in the power of education to transform and uplift the lives of the Filipino people.

Education is an investment, and Tytana strives to continuously provide the best educational opportunities to all those who enter the school. To those who are underprivileged but bright and deserving students, Tytana assists them through various scholarship grants and financial assistance programs. Aside from this, Tytana also provides merit-based grants.
More than three decades later, the Tytana Scholarships Program continues to prosper, thanks to the many generous benefactors who have extended the much needed help.

Throughout the years, Tytana and its partner institutions and individuals have transformed the lives of more than 200 alumni scholars and more than 100 current scholars. From just under 1% of its student population when the program started in the '90s, Tytana has now close to 8% of its students as scholars.

On the average, close to half of those who make it to the prestigious Honors List are scholars. Most are active in various recognized student organizations and extra and co-curricular activities in and out of the campus. The Titans Scholars Guild, the organization of scholars in Tytana, provides free tutorial sessions to other students, serves as student assistants in the different offices of the school, and conducts relevant activities in the campus. Aside from these, they extend service to the community through different socio-civic initiatives. Through all of these, scholars begin to give back.
"Per aspera ad astra. Through hardships to the stars."
- Seneca the Younger