Like the throngs of nurses awaiting a chance to gain employment in the Philippines, Cherina V. Tinio was one of those who chose to try luck their overseas.

Fresh from earning her BS Nursing degree from the former Manila Doctors College in 1979, she did not take time trying her luck in the US when she passed the Licensure Exam. She patiently started out at St. Mary's Hospital from 1990 to 1991. She then continued pushing for career development when she worked as a Registered Nurse, a Team Leader and Charge Nurse at the Laguna Hospital and Rehabilitation, San Francisco, California. In 1995, she became the Nursing Supervisor for the Relief Assistant Director of Nursing at Hillhaven, Victorian Facility, San Francisco.
Long years of exposures to various Nursing environments greatly honed her skills resulting to many assignments that helped many licensed vocational nurses, aides to improve on their own capabilities. Her dedication did not escape the eyes of her superiors too. In 1998, she became a Nursing RAI Specialist that equally opened up more recognition for her exemplary work.

In 2007, she was nominee for Nursing Excellence Award at VA Palo Alto Health Care System. Back home, a program called Balikturo presented her a Certificate of Recognition in Cebu as a tribute to her contribution to that cause. She crowned that feat when she was awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment as a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Menlo Park in 2010.

Eager to share her knowledge to would-be nurses and targeting that academe as the most effective means to attain it, she did not budge working on several conferences on curriculum development. In 2009, she presented her study called Heel Project at San Francisco. She also actively participated in the NOVA Educational Conference at Crowne Plaza, Milpitas, California in 2010.

Not stopping at every opportunity along the way, she also wrote several articles on various newsletters such as the 2009 Torch Newsletter Winter Edition and the 2010 NOVA Newsletter Winter Edition.

In 2011, the Filipina Women's Network (FWN) Board of Directors and Selection Committee named her among the 100 Most Influential Women in the United States. In the same year, her home country also equally recognized her feats when she was bestowed a recognition called Advance Practice Nurse of the Year from the National Award Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA).

As President of the Philippine Nurses Association of Northern California (PNANC), she spearheaded a partnership with ABS-CBN Foundation's “Sagip Kapamilya sa Amerika” aimed at helping certified instructors to improve their nursing skills for easy re-entry into the employment world after suffering from layoffs. In 2009, the first batch of scholars from this program received their CAN licenses.

Recognizing the need to stay competitive in the US, Ms. Tinio took and finished her Master degree at San Francisco State University. She is currently the Clinical Coordinator and Nursing Supervisor of Veterans Administration Hospital at Menlo Park, California. She specializes in Medical Psychiatry and Dementia catering mostly to injured patients, fall tracking, appropriate footwear evaluation, and pressure ulcer prevention.

Her accomplishments are mute testimonies to the excellent training that MTC graduates imbibed in its students. Ms. Tinio is simply breathing life to College's credo that pushes those who came under its wing to become globally competitive professionals that values excellence and nurturance in their respective place of work.