I. Thrusts

The External Affairs Office (EAO) is committed to enhance and promote the image of the College for the benefit of its students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends. It creates and implements comprehensive and integrated programs through its two major sections namely: (A) Marketing and Promotions, (B) Alumni Relations and (C) Career Placement.

A. Marketing and Promotions

The External Affairs Office (EAO) shall plan viable approaches to anticipate and meet the needs of the College’s stakeholders in the most efficient and effective means. With an emphasis on exceptional customer service and timeliness, the Marketing and Promotions Section is responsible to promote and enhance the image of the school as one of the best providers of quality nursing and other allied educational programs nationwide to attract a greater number of students to enroll and generate support from its stakeholders.

B. Alumni Relations

The External Affairs Office (EAO) is committed to creating positive relationships between the College and its alumni. The Alumni Relations Section is the primary communications link between the school and its alumni. Its main thrust is to encourage and foster lifelong alumni participation, involvement, and commitment to the school.

C. Career Placement

The External Affairs Office (EAO) is also committed to help students and alumni launch their future career through the Career Placement Section. It assists undergraduates, graduating seniors, and alumni in reaching career goals. The Career Placement shall help them enhance their personality and develop a positive job-search strategy.