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About the Program




The Student Discipline Department (SDD) takes the lead in the promotion of student discipline, peace, order, safety and security of the students and implementation and enforcement of the policies, rules and regulations of the College.  It aims to establish an effective student centered mechanism that will promote stewardship of the MTC culture among students through discipline.

Aside from taking the role of investigators and decision makers in the behavioral actions caused by the non-followers of the provisions of the Student Manual, the SDD  also offers seminars, campaigns  and forum that forward good norms, safety and crime prevention.
Your department your champion in:

  •  Student Discipline
  •  Student Peace
  •  Student Order
  •  Student Cleanliness
  •  Student Safety and Security


  • Discipline Clearances
  • Information Drive
  • Safety and Security Assistance
  • Found and Returned Items
  • Discipline Data/Statistics/Record keeping
  • Discipline Seminars
  • Discipline Talks


  • Transformational Intervention Program
  • Recognition Program
  • Discipline Enforcement

A program that allows deserving students in conflict with the school rules to transform themselves into positive and disciplined individual through formational interventions of Student Affairs Directorate-Student Discipline Department (SAD-SDD).

This program is reserved to deserving students and only available upon approval of application for the program by the concerned student.

It’s central objective is to help make the student identify his/her rooms for improvement and to help the student workout a realization of this need for improvement through customized assignments in the form of academic community service, discipline talks and counseling.