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Vision / Mission


BS Nursing




The Manila Doctors College of Nursing is a flourishing institution of excellence in nursing education, research and clinical practice that produces competent scholars, researchers, morally reflective leaders, and clinicians providing service to the health needs of the Filipinos and to the rest of the global community through the provision of quality education grounded with the culture of excellence, nurturance, and social responsibility



  • Provide holistic formation of the students by harnessing one’s optimum potential through extensive and quality nursing education.
  • Guide students towards achieving professional excellence in a variety of health care settings that meet the national and global standards for health care.
  • Pursue excellence in research and nursing development.
  •  Foster the value of critical thinking, safe and responsible practice, and motivation for life-ling learning.
  • Prepare students to function as worthy and self-directed individuals valuing the love of God, love of people, and the love of country



MAN is a unique rational, biopsychosociospiritual being who relates with his family and community, constantly exchanging energies with his environment as he purposefully adapts both internally and externally to various socio-cultural, and political stressors that impinge on his being.

HEALTH is a dynamic state of well being in which man constantly strives to attain and maintain optimum level of functioning.

EDUCATION is an active, well-planned teaching-learning process aims to effect a change in the behavior of the learners by utilizing multi-dimensional approaches and strategies to produce a healthy citizenry imbued with moral integrity and a sense of justice and equality.

NURSING is an art and evolving science, which focuses on the caring aspect of the individual, family and community. The health care professional possesses desirable attitudes, is equipped with knowledge from various disciplines and assumes various roles and responsibilities in order to adapt to the needs of those whom she serves, utilizing scientific, creative and critical thinking processes towards better client care.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the flagship   program   of   Manila   Tytana Colleges. Offered since 1975, the four- year course   has produced successful healthcare professionals with international careers in some of the world’s most prestigious healthcare institutions.

The curriculum provides comprehensive   theoretical and practical instruction, designed to train students to competently deliver professional healthcare services. In addition to encouraging academic excellence, emphasis is also placed on the development of core values. Aside from undergoing actual clinical training in various affiliate hospitals and at the Manila Doctors Hospital, base hospital of MTC, students are also immersed in community work. As a result, graduates of the Manila Tytana Colleges are equipped with the skills and knowledge to practice and profession, and the values to excel and stand out.


-          Army General Hospital (Fort Bonifacio, Makati City)     
-          Armed Forces of the Philippines (V.Luna, Quezon City) 
-          Air Force General Hospital                                              
-          Divine Mercy the Home that Cares, Inc.  
-          Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital         
-          Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center       
-          Las Pinas City Health Office      
-          Manila Doctors Hospital                                                 
-          Manila Naval Hospital     
-          Medical Center Paranaque                      
-          National Center for Mental Health      
-          Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center                          
-          Ospital ng Sampaloc                              
-          Ospital ng Tondo
-          Pasay City General Hospital     
-          Pasay City Health Office
-          Philippine Orthopedic Center                
-          Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Medical Center
-          Quezon Institute
-          Research Institute for Tropical Medicine      
-          San Jose Home Care                                             
-          San Lazaro Hospital                     
-          Timog Residence Psychiatric Facility                        
-          Tondo Medical Center
-          Valenzuela Medical Center 

-          Caloocan Puericulture & Maternity Home

Health Department:
-          Division of City Schools                                                 
-          Makati Health Department
-          Manila Health Department

-         Indang, Cavite (temporary)